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Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

Products, Services & Billing Questions

Technical Questions

Speed tests can be ran multiple ways but the easiest, and normally the most accurate, is to visit upon visiting, the speed test will automatically begin and once completed will display your download speed in bold text.

In order to benefit the most from your internet service, a router is recommended. Beyond Media will provide the initial router at the time of installation. A customer’s router can be used but is not recommended for management purposes. Router replacements may cost depending on your package.

If you are moving to a new home location, the first step is to call our office and see if your new address is serviceable. If so, your equipment can be moved seamlessly. If not, we will remove your equipment from your home and disconnect your internet services on your scheduled moving date. (installation fee at new home will apply)

Serviceability can be verified either by calling our office, emailing, or visiting our website home page and inserting your home address into our ‘Are You Serviceable’ section.

Rebooting your radio’s power supply (poe), may need to be done when your internet service is not working properly or after a storm. In order to do this, locate your poe (a small black rectangle approximately 1 inch wide by 3 inches long with a Beyond Media sticker located on top), find the ‘To Radio’ arrow and unplug the Ethernet cable from the port. After 10 seconds, plug the same cable back into the port until an audible click isheard.

Your internet service should return to normal after 2 minutes. If not, visit ourtroubleshooting section below or call our office.

Each internet service installation requires a small dish or radio located on the outside of your home or somewhere on your property pointed to a ground tower located nearest to you. This radio will have a cable running to wherever you wish the internet service on the inside of your building to be installed (cable length not to exceed 380 feet). Two grounded outlets will be required for the radio power supply (poe) and your internet router (provided by Beyond Media).

The dish is not required to be installed on your home, but we will request to install your dish at whatever location on your property may receive the best signal level, is the least invasive, and provides the easiest avenue for installation. The dish can be mounted on a post located somewhere on your property with a cable being buried to the post location.

If your installation requires a cable run to be buried, the installation technicians will not bury your cable at the time of the install. This is done to verify your internet service is working properly before burial of the cable takes place. A cable burial ticket will be scheduled approximately 1-2 weeks after installation. No extra charge will apply.

There are 2 options to getting a secondary internet service connection in a shop, garage, or other outbuilding. If the distance between your house and shop/garage is only separated by grass and a cable can be buried in the ground, we can run a cable to connect the services and install a new router in the additional building. This would cost $50 for the cable run and $45 for the additional router. The second option is installing a point-to-point and used when gravel or concrete driveways are in the way. This option costs $199 and once the equipment is installed and working properly, it is then the property of the customer and their responsibility.

Office Questions

No. Beyond Media does not require any contracts with any packages. Beyond Media does require each customer to sign a terms of service agreement.

A terms of service agreement is simply the agreement in which policies are set for customers of our network and the services that will be provided. This is not a contract but only an outline of policies. Before services can be rendered to anyone, the customer must first agree to the Terms of Service Agreement. View the full agreement

Most certainly. Beyond Media offers multiple packages and custom options for speeds up to 125 mbps in certain areas. Upgrading your package is very easy, requiring only a phone call or an email at A package change can take effect within minutes and requires no addition equipment or network changes.

Please visit the plans and pricing page.

The only way an online account can be set up is by calling or emailing In order to set up the account we will need an active email account in which we will send you a password reset link and instructions on how to log into our customer portal.

You can access our customer portal on our website homepage or by going to

You can pay online by logging in to your customer portal and visiting the billing tab. If you do not have access to your customer portal, please see above question.

Account information can only be changed by a contact name listed on the account. This can be done by either calling in, emailing, or using your online customer portal.

Auto pay can be set up by using your online account portal or by calling in, speaking to a billing representative, and providing your credit or debit card information. Do not send your credit card information via email.

Your credit card data cannot be accessed by any person once it is entered into our billing system. Credit card data is secured and the last four digits of your card are the only numbers that can be seen.

Bills are created on the 20th or 21st of each month depending on how many days the month contains. Bills are sent via mail or email. Email billing will be sent out on the same day the bill is created. Bills sent through the post office may take several business days to arrive.

Monthly payments are due by the 10th of each month. Late payments will result in a 5 dollar delinquency fee each month. Delinquent accounts will be denied internet access on the 18th of each month, or the next business day.

Monthly payments can be made via mailed check, credit or debit card, or cash.

Check payments should be sent to Beyond Media, PO Box 95, Cissna Park IL 60924 or can be dropped off at our office location, 205 E Fire Lane, Cissna Park IL 60924.

Beyond Media accepts Visa card, Mastercard, or Discover.

This fee was created after the acquisition of Localline2 to replace the labor cost of the service charges that Localline2 charged. Localline2 charged 30 dollars for home service fees, 50 dollars for cable replacements, and 60 dollars for router replacements. Beyond Media offers different benefits for each package in terms of router replacements and network management fees (see package listing), but instead of charging for those services, Beyond Media charges $2.50 per month (30 dollars a year) for an unlimited number of home service calls.

The amount required to be payed after the time of installation will be the 99 dollar one time installation fee and your first month of internet service depending on your package selection. Check or cash is accepted but credit card payments will need to be made over the phone and verified before the technicians leave the installation.

Of course. Our billing system allows us to provide email billing and other email benefits such as maintenance updates & account change notifications. This service can be set up by calling our office or emailing and providing a valid email address.

Construction on homes is common. If your internet radio needs to be relocated or your cable removed from your home for an extended period of time, Beyond Media will work with you to make arrangements on the disconnection and reconnection of your internet services. (One time fees may apply)

Our extended vacation policy allows customers who will be absent from their location for 1 month or greater to place their account on a vacation hold which will disconnect their internet service. Re-connection of your service can be scheduled upon return and can be done from our office. (one-time fees may apply)

Once a request for internet service has been made via our website or a phone call, a customer service representative will determine whether you are serviceable or not. Once a decision has been made, he or she will walk you through the account set up process and package selection. We will then schedule an installation appointment and install your internet service within a few days. Upon installation, a terms of service agreement will need to be signed by the account holder and payment for the installation and first month of service will be made. That’s it, you have joined the Beyond Media Network!

Beyond Media offers discounts to customers who sign up for auto-pay and also for customers who have their bill emailed to them each month. We offer a $1.00 monthly discount for auto-pay customers and an additional $1.00 monthly discount for customers who have email billing set up. These discounts will take effect on January 1st, 2018.

If someone schedules and completes a new installation with Beyond Media and mentions a current customer name as a referral, the current customer who referred them will get a $20 discount applied to their next bill. The new customer Must mention the referring customer’s name before or at the time of install in order for the $20 referral discount to apply. This referral discount will go into effect on Jan. 1st, 2018.

Beyond Media is classified as a Fixed Wireless Internet company.

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